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Here is where you can find a list of things going on with my races and mods

It' took me all day but they are in!!!!! Arospeed 2" Lowering Springs.
It's pretty easy to do but it's real time consuming. Here is a good place to start if you plan on trying this yourself.

CD player stolen last night
Broke the driverside rear vent window and made off with MY Sony Xplode CDX-M600

Installing a radiator fan switch is not the easiest task in the world and then again its not the hardest either, hopefully I will have the kinks worked out soon. RallyCross only 9 days away. Hopefully I will have some pictures soon, I now have access to a scanner, and I my even be able to put an Mpeg of me racing on here!

01/04/02 -  Today I finally figured out the Misfire issue, bad EGR valve. I had some carbon build up in it and it was causing a vacuum leak. $270!!!! That sucks. Oh, and i turned my rotors today cause they were sounding like crap. I wasn't gonna let saturn take my money on that one though :-P But alas i have yet to get my car to the bodyshop... maybe next week.

3/15/02 - Well I installed some indiglo face gauges yesterday. That was a total pain in the butt. It only took me about 4 hours. Instructions went very clear on how to take the insturment cluster apart, But I finally got it, unfortunatley the engine temp needle is outta wack so I have to take it apart again. Suck!

3/10/02- Well, the Catalytic Converter is shot. Gotta take it in Tomorrow and replace it. Also She goes into the body shop tomorrow. Gonna take out a few dents and paint the hood and front bumper cover.

Well, first race of the year and my satty was in the shop.
Had to get a new alternator and head gasket, and they topped it off with a new motor mount. Sigh...bye bye $$$$$ 


Twistec Turbo Kits

Oh To Have Turbo..

This is the turbo kit that i want. Unfortunately my budget does not allocate $3,900 for performance upgrades on my car...

Mods. (chronilogical)

    • Bosch Platinum +4 Spark Plugs
    • Racing Pedals
    • Yokohama 205/40/17 V tires
    • Hotshot Ceramic Glazed Intake by SPS
    • K&N High Flow Airfilter
    • SPS 8mm Plug Wires
    • Accel Coil Packs
    • Arospeed Strut Tower Bar
    • Manual Radiator Fan Switch
    • Clear Sidemarkers 
    • Arospeed 2" Lowering Springs
    • 17" TSW Revos
    • Viper es 600 alarm

Interior Mods
    • Sony Xplode 6 1/2 " Three-way speakers
    • Sony Xplode CDX-M600 CD/Reciever/MD controller
    • Indiglo Face Gauges